Right, so I said I was going to tell you all about Jeremy. So I shall. I even found a picture of him. What more could you ask for?

Jeremy was awesome, but I didn’t even know his name until the morning before we left. All I knew was that he was the cool guy that was always next to me when we crowded the stage as the band plays. He was awesome and a lot of fun to worship with. Anytime the band came up, we were both up front and center with Matt right behind us. I can only think of one time we weren’t right next to each other as the band played and that was only because his van wasn’t back from that morning’s blitz yet. Jeremy was an incredible encouragement to me the whole week.

I’m trying to find a picture of Martha for you to all see, but that seems to be a little difficult. I wanna talk about Will later and I have plenty of pictures of him. Will was a nut, plain and simple. A chicken-eating nut…


One Response to “Jeremy”

  1. He was on one of my teams ( Go red 7 !) He is a witnessing machine!

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