Home again. It’s bittersweet…

I’M BACK! FRONTLINERS WAS AWESOME! And it’s not over, not ever.

I couldn’t begin to blog about all the stuff that goes on at Frontliners, but I will say that we saw over a hundred people saved in four days, and hundreds more finally get things right in their walk with God. It was incredible to be a part of it all and a witness to it!

The family I stayed with was great. Donnie and Julie are both sold out Christians who took us in as their own children, all seven of us. In their house alone were seven teenage guys, three from our church and four from Faith Tabernacle in Alabama. They put up with all us little Christian metal-heads. Their friends Jeff and Cherry had taken in nine girls in addition to their own two and our two families got together every night and morning. Each day was like a party followed by training, followed by serving, followed by a party, followed by worship, followed by a party, and finished with a good night’s sleep so we could do it all again the next day. Greatness….

Two incredible things of note that happened to me there are God (I just got an email from one of my street team members from Frontliners, Katie. Just popped up the notification on my screen)… what was I saying? Just kidding. First and most important was God giving me back a sense of worship. I’d become so caught up in theology and philosophy that I had missed out on worshiping God. I was so busy trying to explain Him that I forget to experience Him. God smashed that with in two days! I haven’t been so moved by the Holy Spirit in two years. It was like meeting God for the first time…again.

The second thing that was so awesome goes by the name Martha. Martha was with the ladies from Ridgecrest Baptist Church that were all staying with Jeff and Cherry and who we guys were with each day. She’s a twenty-one year old slave to Jesus Christ with a singing voice almost as beautiful as her personality. Martha was a constant encouragement and witness to me through the week and gave me hope for a few personal worries I have been struggling with. I owe her and God both a huge debt of thanks.

I’m sure I’ll say more about this trip later because it’s like a fire in my marrow and I am weary of keeping it in, but for now this will suffice as I need to shower, check up on some concert tickets, email a few new friends, write Katie back, and continue to head toward the mountain (Amen!?!). When I have the time, I’ll write about another huge encouragement who I found out was named Jeremy. But that’s for later!


2 Responses to “Home again. It’s bittersweet…”

  1. Welcome home, brother! It does sound as if you had an awesome time. Elaborate on it when you have the chance, I’d love to read more.

    Until then, Grace and Peace in Christ Jesus to you.

  2. after reading your post, it got me to remember all the retreats and camps i attended at church. really enjoyable times! 😀

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