Someone’s been spying in my computer!

That was really a Goldilocks spin, but I doubt any of you realized that. Poor uncultured swine…

Oops, I wasn’t supposed to type that

Anyway, I’ve spent the last few days setting up some anti-spyware and anti-virus programs on the computer. This was long overdue considering that my computer has up to now had nothing protecting it. In fact, this CPU has been more exposed than a professional stripper as of late. I figured it was about time to do something about it. Actually, I just hoped that it would make ConquerOnline run faster…

So I went to and gound the best free stuff I could and was pleased to find that it was close to the best stuff period, free or not. So I ran anti-spyware for the first time in this laptop’s life and was surprised to find 63 spyware objects that needed to be cleaned out. I then found out that such a number is far too high and I should not have neglected my poor, opressed computer for so long.

So then I ran anti-virus, all the time dreading what I knew was coming. Take one cup unprotected computer, add 24 hours per day of online use, let sit for an ungodly long time, bake and serve. Through the magic of television, so to speak, we can now see the result. And the verdict is:








How did I manage 63 spyware objects and no viruses? That makes as much since as running an egg through a coffee percolator! Again, I was surprised, but pleasantly so this time.

None of this fixed the problems I was having with ConquerOnline though. So I’m showering and feeling distressed at my inablilty to fix the game’s problem on my PC, and it hits me: I should just uninstall and reinstall the game. So I did, and it seems to be working perfectly. D’oh!

In other, unrelated news, my computer now moves faster all around…


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