YES! It’s finally here, or it’s close anyway. We leave for Frontliners on Friday. Headed to Tennessee this year. We’ll leave Friday afternoon, spend the night in Memphis, and arrive Saturday miday. I can’t wait to get going. Friday can’t come soon enough.

For those who don’t know, Frontliners is a sort of mission trip. We’ll be at the hosting church for a week, staying with families from the church. Each morning we’ll be taught apologetics, each afternoon we’ll put them into practice as we go door-to-door witnessing, and each night we’ll attend services conducted by the Frontliners staff, speakers, and musicians. It’s like a non-stop spiritual high for a solid week. Great stuff and I can’t wait for it.

*shudders in giddy excitement*


2 Responses to “FRONTLINERS on Friday.”

  1. Tennessee? Have fun with that, y’all.

  2. While I may not share your enthusiasm for door-to-door witnessing, here’s to your efforts and may God bless your desire to make His name known.

    Go in Peace to love and serve the Lord.

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