Back to Conquer Again!

I’m back at it, guys. Back to playing Conquer Online. It’s fun now that I’m no longer stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Good to be back, really it is…

My renewed interest has come at the arrival of a few close friends to the game. It pleases me to have Adam and Austin playing Conquer now. It pleases me greatly.

I would love to stay and blog some more, but I have a Conquering addiction to go feed. Goodbye.


3 Responses to “Back to Conquer Again!”

  1. Yes I am on Conquer but, my names have been taken sooo…. I have two characters Kayly my archer and Lunafire my Taoist. Look for me im out there, though more often then not I’m in the traing grounds. Infact I am right now.

  2. Oh Cool Conquer… I Used To Play That… But Then… Halo……. 😮

  3. I’m vice versa. Halo…then Conquer…the Halo2…then Conquer….

    Heck, I just keep coming back to Conquer.

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