Back with a Vengeance

heresjohnny1024.jpgJust a little while back I blogged about my hatred of IE because of the way it screwed up a page I had made. Well, I’m back to say that I have conquered not only the opposition posed to me by IE, but also I have defeated the ads on myspace! Mwahahahaha!!!! My power is complete…or some-such nonsense. Anyway, have a look.

Even though it looks decent in IE now, I shall never relinquishmy hatred for that waste of code that masquerades as a web-browser! VIVA LA FIREFOX!

I’ve tried for so long to cover the ads on myspace, even though it is a breach of the terms of use for the site, and finally accomplishing this end has made me almost as happy as finding Holy Hell by Rob Rock on myspace and setting the repositioned music player on my page to blare it into the speakers of all who traverse that profile! Yes, Nathan, I have discovered both how to block the ads and how to move the music player at will!

Though my vengeance against myspace is now complete, I’m still not going to go back to it. It was a suckhole for time when I left and I doubt that it could have changed. Besides, WordPress is much prettier and more functional and has no ads to block in the first place.

A music player would be nice though…


One Response to “Back with a Vengeance”

  1. I feel your pain about IE, but alas, I am an establishmentarian.

    BTW, I LOVE Cuckoo’s Nest. Thanks for that.

    Keep on blogging, and keep the faith,

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