I truly hate IE

It’s a little-known fact (but only if you don’t know me) that I have started to learn some basic coding. I’m just doing HTML and CSS right now, but shall soon move on to javascript. It’s been a blast and I’d enjoyed every bit of it until…


“Life’s a battle. Wage war.” That’s been my motto for quite some time, but it has just changed. My new credo shall be…

…bloody hell, I can’t say it. It’s unacceptable for children and I don’t know just who could be reading.

IE (Internet Explorer, if it wasn’t clicking) is the worst piece of browsing crappola I’ve ever had the misfortune of using. If the world had only one browser, and that browser was IE, I would slowly and meticulously pluck my fingers off with a sharp blade engraved with the words “Viva La Firefox” on it. If I’ve got you wondering, take a look first in Firefox, then in IE: LINK

I put a lot of work into that profile. I was careful to use percentages wherever I could so that everything would be proportionally the same no matter what resolution it was viewed in. Unfortunately, it would seem that IE has a serious problem with percentages. As in, it can’t handle them. It also can’t seem to handle gifs properly, nor opacity or image hover effects. I genuinely wanted to blow my brains out after only five minutes of trying to make things work in IE. This I did after much tedious work, but it just wasn’t worth it and I decided to change everything back. If the viewer isn’t smart enough to be using Firefox, I don’t care if it looks weird to them. Heck, I suppose you could use Flock or Safari or Opera or something, anything, just not IE!

This has lead me to start a new campaign, “ABANDON IE, EMBRACE FIREFOX!” I now believe that all people everywhere should get firefox. It’s free, it’s better, it’s only a 5 meg download. That’s squat even for dial-up! You are without excuse, IE-users! To remain with IE is to embrace stupidity! So do the only decent thing and download Firefox now!

Seriously people, if you are reading this and you are still running IE, AOL, SBC Yahoo DSL browser, or whatever else, I recommend getting firefox. It’s the highest rated browser to have ever been made, it has a feature called ‘tabbed browsing’ that is wonderful, it is completely free, it’s a 4.9 meg download, and setup is non-existent. It’s just beautiful, trust me. So do yourself a favor and get Firefox.


2 Responses to “I truly hate IE”

  1. I concur completely!

    viva la firefox!!

    Horrid piece of wretched stupidity that is called IE should be dismembered and eaten by crazed dispensationalist. Regurgitated and burned upon the fire of everlasting damnation!

    I spit upon it.

    And may the beer of Firefox users abundantly overflow seven times over and may their children’s children always be with cute puppies.

  2. I agree completely, Greg.

  3. Good. We can start the campaign Monday. I’ll get the torches if you two take care of the pitchforks and banners.


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