One Last War

There’s no time left for good ole’ Dan

He’s pushed the cards and forced death’s hand

He held on tight for quite some time

But in the end we all must die

He’s been a father, husband, son

A deep, close friend to everyone

He served his country in the war

Paid his due and even more

But civilian life was far too dull

The day’s routine was getting old

His wife has passed and he’s all alone

He feels out of place in his own home

Took up his gun, walked out the door

Kept the barrel aimed to the floor

Outside the street was full with life

A celebration held at night

He raised his arm, he took his aim

Shot the first boy through the brain

His body fell straight to the ground

And three more shots meant three more down

But he couldn’t see them anymore

His mind has relapsed to the war

These germans killed his closest friends

Now he would bring them to their ends

His muzzle flashed, they fell like rain

Each one deserved to feel his pain

He fired as they ran away

And finished off the ones who stayed

But soon the reinforcements came

Driving jeeps with pure white frames

Her heard their sirens sounding off

While blue and red lights flashed on top

He took his aim and fired fast

They took their own and fired back

Ole’ Dan could feel his chest get hit

He saw his end and this was it

He set his chin, took one more stride

Breathed his last and then he died

Ole’ Dan had fought in one last war

And was glad to know he’d fight no more


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