Focus on the good; miss the best?

Do you think that we, Christians, get so caught up in the religion, theology, philosophy, and tradition that we miss the best that God has for us? Do you think that our ‘studying to show ourselves approved’ has turned into ‘studying to show ourselves superior?’ Have we lost sight of the simple love that compelled our hearts in the first place? Sometimes, I feel we have…


2 Responses to “Focus on the good; miss the best?”

  1. I am having a real difficult time right now with decisions that must be made and loves that must be lost. I was enjoying being alone today out at a cemerery (one of my favorite places to be alone), crying my eyes out. Just me, myself and my cigar. All alone, crying like a girl.

    And then it started to rain.

    Normally I would get upset or depressed and say, ‘figures!’. But I did not. The thought that went through my head, although somewhat cheesy, somewhat corny, but (I think) deeply insightful, is that God was crying with me!

    So, I began to think. I began to think of my theology and my philosophy. And I would say screw it all! if I was never able to just consider something as the rain and have the thought, no matter how childish or simple it may seem, that the rain is when God cries…

    For some reason I thought that was relevant to your post.

  2. Yes. Yes. The answer is yes.

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