Night of the Pie

What does that mean? I’ll tell you today, but only because I might not be around to tell you tomorrow. Okay, that’s a little bit of a stretch…

My church has been having Vacation Bible School all this week. Tonight, being Friday, is the last night for VBS, and that means the fruition of a long-standing tradition. Each year, the church hosts an event for the Children called Vacation Bible School. This is very common for pretty much any church around the nation. Now, what is not so very common is the way that we take up money during the week to send off to one of the missionaries we support through the church. This year, the money goes to Mr. Shane Duke who has moved to Ukraine and is doing mission work there. This is especially close to my dad’s and I’s hearts since we have known Shane since long before he moved and have even been over to Ukraine to help him.

Now here’s the strange stuff about the offering. We count the money that the boys give and the money that the girls give seperately. Each night, we update the kids on who has raised more money. At the end of the last night, Friday, the representative for the boys, me, or the representative for the girls, my sister, Kirsten, will take a pie in the face. If the girls win, which they almost always do, I will recieve a pie by way of Kirsten’s hand. If the boys win, vice versa.

At last glace, the girls were well ahead, and so I dread. I think my face shall be coconut whip-creamed tonight. Oh well. At least I’ve had fun.

Actually, I’ve had a blast. This was my first year to do Opening Assembly, but it’s been fun. It’s a little scary, but it’s great. I’d never sung in front of people before this so I tend to get nervous and shake. All the same, I’ve been encouraged by the teachers, and the children have really gotten into it this year. I think we’ve already raised almost two hundred dollars and that’s really good! I can’t wait to see the tallies tonight. Though, I fear that Kirsten shall have the grand opportunity to deface tonight, I’m gonna hope for the best.

I’m gonna get together with my friends tonight after VBS and play Halo. Hopefully it will be a victory celebration, not a consolation…


One Response to “Night of the Pie”

  1. Too Bad it was a consolation…..

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