having doubt in a Timothy

Can a timothy not be trusted? Timothy has been burned before. More often than Paul knows. What Timothy does, he does for a reason. Is everything is a selfish desire? Does Timothy have the ability to learn? A portion of this fire has died in Timothy’s heart, a long lasting relationship is all he wants. he is afraid of the fire, afraid of the chaos that may ensue.. Timothy has had a selfish desires, ones which Paul knows to well… Timothy learns from his Paul, but maybe Timothy is teaching his Timothy. Where he once was confused between friend and life long companion (for more than a year) , he now knows which. He understands the difference (Timothy didn’t understand how his sin could so manipulate his emotions, and twist his thoughts on love) ( Timothy learnded this more thsan 3 weeks ago, a friend helped him reach an epihany.) Timothy’s Timothy was in distress, and Timothy needed to mentor. (Can’t this Timothy can also be a Paul?) Timothy’s Timothy is his Timonthy and nothing more. Besides, Why would Timothy want to be with a person who needs mentoring all the time?

is everything random? Or is there an entwining reason?

Paul doesn’t trust his timothy. Timothy has betrayed it and has yet to earn it back. But this Timothy needs to help turn people from the paths this Timothy has already taken. Timothy needs to show them the dead end before they reach it. This Timothy will help them justly and will not sin just to prove a point. This Timothy gives his pathetic, scarred, burned heart to God. He is the water to the fire.

Trust is a fragile thing to break, but a strenous thing to earn back.


One Response to “having doubt in a Timothy”

  1. every timothy should have a paul and… be a paul

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