Ode to Calvin

I’m always at a loss for the proper words to say

Always dreaming, always hoping, never living in the day

Where most see cardboard boxes, I’m inclined to see a train

And I never do take showers, just fight monsters in the rain

What I’m told is meant for drying off looks awefully like a cape

So I’ll strap it to my neck and hold it there with tape

Now I’ll take off down the runway and launch into the air

Mom keeps saying I’m wet and naked, but I really couldn’t care

Everyone knows that clothes are ropes meant to tie you down in place

So the vacuum monster can come along and suck off my little face

But I can stop that scary creature before he makes it very far

I’ll beat him back with my trusty sword that Dad has named “The Window Bar”

Then to celebrate my victory, I’ll take a special trip

A cruise around the world on a twin-sized sailing ship

I guess I’ll take a little nap when my arms get tired from oaring

And I’ll sleep and have fantastic dreams that make my day seem boring


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